Cost-Effective Caffeination

Keurig’s are wonderful, unbelievable machines that provide so many university students with society’s favourite drug, caffeine.

But they are so damn expensive to use.

The average price of a 24 pack of no name Keurig pods is $17, or 70 cents  per pod. This increases to $22 per 24 pack, or 91 cents per pod for Starbucks and name brand pods. So this means your morning coffee costs you almost $1. Multiply that by the 3 a day we as students need and we’re talking about spending between $2.10 and $2.70 per day on coffee.

Now as students we all know that money can go towards much better things (such as dollar beers). So here’s how to make the most out of your Keurig.


  1. Invest in Re-usable Keurig pods: Not only are these way, way better for the environment but it means you can buy ground coffee to use in your Keurig /
  2.   Purchase Ground coffee canisters. These are generally around the same price as a 24 pack of Keurig pods ($18 at your local Loblaws) but can make, from my experience, up to 60 cups of coffee, WHICH, is so much more cost effective at 30 cents per cup of coffee.
  3. Save Dat Money.” – LD.

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