Community: The Brilliant Mia Cadieux


Mia Cadieux

School: Carleton University

Program: Bachelor of Mathematic (Honours), Minor in Computer Science

Dream Job: Artificial Intelligence Research at Google or NASA

The brilliant Mia Cadieux recently won an NSERC research award. As a result she will be assisting a professor with his personal research over the summer. When asked about what this research would entail Mia stated that;

“The project is on artificial intelligence and deep learning, and the goal is to use a mathematical approach to understand artificial neural networks. My role would be to use linear algebra and vector calculus to model neural networks, to run computer simulations to investigate the behaviours of different neural networks, and to conduct seminars on the project.”

Mia received the award largely due to her CGPA of 11.92 and major CGPA of 12.0 (which for those who do not know is a 12.0/12.0, so pretty freakin amazing!)

Mia chose her program due to a passion for math that she has had since a young age. She added a minor in comp sci because it was a requirement in first year and she ended up loving it as well.

Congrats to Mia! Good luck this summer!

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