Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

Girls, there is a reason your boyfriend loves Fortnite more than you. The issue is we don’t know how to explain why. It’s purely addicting. It’s competitive, fun easy to play and understand. All you want to do is win.


The more you play, the more you see yourself improve, and that in itself makes it even more addicting. It’s so addicting that Dave even started keeping track of kills, weapon used, and his best finishes on this chart;

IMG_1407( He still sucks).

The different modes available to play, and the interactivity with friends makes it that much more fun. It has goofy graphics, cartoon characters and is constantly being updated and improved. It’s an easy way to escape from exams and papers and just have pure fun.

Oh, and every time you lose. You barely lose. I mean the guy you were shooting is hanging on by a fingernail. The games go by so quickly that surviving for 45 seconds more means finishing 32nd instead of 78th.

But please don’t get mad at us for playing it wayyy too much. Support us, we need it, we’re all losing out there.

It’s Hunger Games on Cocaine, and we freakin love it.


Let us know in the comments how you’ve been finding the game! How many W’S do you have? Most kills in a round?? We want to know! (Also add Me on Xbox – I suck and need better people to play with : Canadian Jeep97)

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