Tequila Sunrise

An All-Time favourite of our staff here, the Tequila Sunrise is an easy, cheap, drink that is full of flavour and looks great.

Simple to make its great for parties, socials and even those Sunday mornings where the hangover requires just a little bit of extra fuel to disappear, or the brunch with your s/o’s parents that you just cannot make it through.

Bartender Dave’s Recipe;

3oz. Tequila

7oz. Orange Juice

1oz. Grenadine

Mix the Tequila and Grenadine in a glass, slowly add in the grenadine so it sinks to the bottom, providing the layered look. Decorate with cherries if your feeling a little bougie today. Ice if preferred.

Tequila Sunrise

*As always, please drink responsibly and NEVER be the person who drinks and drives. Thank you.

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