12 Months, 7 Cities, 2 Continents

12 Months; 7 cities; 2 continents – come take a walk through the adventures of Mei Becker-Pepin’s last year.


Paris, France. 


Mei and her boyfriend hop across the pond to the city of lights, a city world renowned for romance and culture. As Canadians, Mei was amazed and honoured to be at the Vimy Ridge memorial for its 100th anniversary. When describing the experience, she talked about how her boyfriend’s Queen’s University sweater was recognized almost instantaneously, and mentioned that “Everyone was speaking English and Canadian French”, adding that “It felt like I was in Canada, I swear!”.


Spain: Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Valencia


Despite being pick pocketed, and being in the city during the attacks, Mei described Barcelona as being an amazing city that is full of life and great people. She described Madrid as being her favourite city, and placed an emphasis about how amazing the food is. Despite losing her phone in Valencia, Mei took full advantage of the cities amazing beaches, phenomenal paella and kind people.


Varadero and Havana, Cuba


Marking her 7th time on the island nation of Cuba, Mei’s favourite part is always the stunning beaches. While talking about her experience here, she mentions how even though there has been massive amounts of damage from the recent Hurricane Irma, the people never stop smiling, showing their resilience and determination to never quit, no matter the odds.


New York City, USA.


Even though it rained the entire time she was there, Mei took full advantage of being in one of the world’s greatest cities. This adventure included a visit to the top of the Empire State building at 1am and an impromptu 2am trip to Times Square, adding to the narrative of the city that never sleeps.


Houston, USA.


Attending a rodeo, seeing Alessia Cara live, hitting up the beach and enjoying her first ever Twinkie (at the age of 20 how is this even possible?!?!), Mei was able to fully participate in the events that are always ‘bigger in Texas’ while visiting her aunt. She described the heartbreak felt while seeing the damage done to Houston and Galveston by Hurricane Harvey and stressed how much work there still needs to be done to rebuild.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Mei! Keep exploring

Find Mei on instagram here!

Keep checking back for more posts about other adventures Mei has taken (and some more gorgeous photos).

UNICEF is accepting donations for Hurricane Relief funds here.

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