Uncovering the Unrighteous


A Journalism student at Humber College, I had the pleasure of attending high school with Karen Doradea. Here’s our latest conversation about her passion for journalism, what got her involved in journalism and her career aspirations.

Why Journalism?

” Ever since I can remember, I loved writing. As bland as that sounds, I was very opinionated and loved writing essays, expressing myself and sharing stories. As I grew older, speeches were a requirement in class and that immediately changed my mind in terms of English class and what came with it. I was an extremely shy kid and having to write and share a speech in front of a large audience had my nerves at an all time high. I knew that if I wanted to potentially have a career that involved writing, I needed to overcome my fear of public speaking. At this time, I didn’t know I wanted to pursue Journalism. Not until Grade 10 did I find comfort in public speaking. I knew I wanted people to hear what I had to say, to hear my opinion. I wanted to start a conversation. It wasn’t until Grade 12 that I decided to study Journalism. I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to do with my life because of the uncertainty the career may have for some, but I decided to take the risk. Looking back at it, I believe I made the right decision. I want to give a voice to those who experience discrimination in their day to day lives, help those who find themselves lost whether that be within themselves or through societal norms. I want to bring to light the issues that minorities face, to discuss political injustice. I want to contribute to the fight that many across the world are pursuing everyday. ”


What got you into journalism? 

“My personal experiences have a lot to do with where I am at this part of my life. I grew up with a single mother, and saw first hand the struggles she, as a Latin American woman, faced all while trying to learn a new language and find a home in a new country. She also encouraged me to embrace my culture which led me to find a true interest in the issues Latin American countries faced. It was a Grade 12 project I did in my World Issues class that helped me realize that I needed to pursue journalism. I spoke about the media censorship, civil unrest and inhumane treatment of the Venezuelan people under the hands of Nicolas Maduro. This became a huge factor in me pursuing Journalism. I wanted everyone to be aware of what was going on, I was frustrated and wanted, in some way, to help even if that meant writing opinionated pieces and reaching out to journalists currently living in the country. So to answer your question, “What got you into journalism?”, the drive I have to seek the truth, uncover the unrighteous, giving a voice to those who are unable and the passion for speaking out against social injustices have pushed me into the life of journalism.”

What are your passions and career goals?

” I’d say my journalistic “beats” would be social inequalities and discrimination. These are subjects I tend to cover as a journalist, stories that I am passionate about. As for career goals, I hope to one day travel and experience the different cultures, languages (and food!!!) in order to grow as a journalist. I’d like to work in all aspects of journalism as well, through print, photography, audio, etc and master them as I continue to grow.”


Through life experience and understanding, Karen provides a perspective on global issues and crisis, providing a voice for those who may not always be able to use their own.

Karen created Speak Now, a medium site focused on immigration issues and culture, find it here! Absolutely check it out!!!


View some of Karen’s other awesome work;

Find Karen on;


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