Life as a Residence Fellow

After having an amazing experience in residence during her first year at Carleton, Jessica Lambert decided that she wanted to help provide that amazing experience to future first years (having her living fees covered is an extra bonus).

After applying and being accepted to the residence fellow program (RF), Jessica and I caught up about what life as a residence fellow is really like. Being an RF provided her with the opportunity to work with inspiring and ambitious people who she found to be very like-minded. Being an RF also gave Jessica a great proximity to everything on campus and was extremely convenient for classes and meetings.

RF’s have a considerable amount of responsibilities at all time, with an expectation that they are available to talk to the students on their floor at anytime, whether 3pm or 3am. Jessica talked about how you cannot always be the “cool” RF, but instead have to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable at all times, be able to de-escsalate conflicts occurring between roommates and engage in difficult conversations with students about their mental health.



“People in residence refer to it as more of a lifestyle than a job”  

The massive time commitment that being an RF is also includes having 1-2 on call shifts a week where you conduct residence tours and deal with the drunken froshies, a weekly team meeting, monthly floor meetings as well as meetings with residence managers. RF’s are also responsible for communicating campus events to students, updating roommate contracts and having check-in conversations with those living on your floor.

Despite all these challenges and responsibilities, Jessica described her time as an RF as being rewarding and full of great experiences, especially focusing upon the relationships that she developed with her other RF’s.

Thank you to Jessica and all the other RF’s out there for everything you have done and continue to do!

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