A Nordic Adventure

For her Uncle’s 50th birthday, Sarah McHale and her boyfriend Adam visited Iceland. A volcanic island, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, with a population of just under 350,000. With lava fields, mountains and glaciers, it has started becoming a popular destination for adventure travel.

I caught up with Sarah as she told me all about such an amazing trip!


What did you do while you were there? 

“We went to blue lagoon! It was absolutely amazing. We went to Thingvellir national park one day and that is were you can actually see where the euroasian and Northamerican tectonic plates meet. We also saw Gulfoss waterfalls which was breathtaking. We went to the Geyser hotsprings and saw Storkkur erupt 100feet into the air (the water was extremly hot). We toured around the country side. Its amazing all the lava fields that cover the country, and are just acres of dried molton rock all over Iceland. On top of touring, we had many group meals and I met tons of people and made new friendships with the people my uncle is close to in his life. One night he rented a rooftop bar for us all and we had a 80s themed dance party, another night around 1am we saw the northern lights (not as vividly as it wasn’t the season for it, but it was still an incredibly surreal moment to say the least!!). While we were there the Reykjavik (which his the capital of Iceland) culture festival was happening so we were really immersed into the culture of iceland which was super cool to see.”


What was your favourite meal?

“Iceland is well known for their lamb hotdogs, we went to this like famous hotdog stand in downtown Reykavik at least 3 times, it was sooo good! We had lots of seafood while being there, rarely saw chicken on the menus, tons of lobster and lambs. Lambs literally roam everywhere in the country I was blown away by how many of them there were. Our tour guide was telling us one day that everyone owns lambs and lets them roam free all over the country for the summer, then in the begining of winter they have a big festival where everyone goes into the country side and collects sheep and gets their specific sheep back to the right owners, so weird!!”



What was the most surprising part of the trip? 

“I think it would have to be how diverse the landscape is. Volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, black beaches, mountains! They have everything!”

What would you make sure to do next time you visit?

“We stayed in the capital while we were there, everywhere besides the capital has no people around. The roads outside the captial are so quiet and the landscape completely untouched. I would 100% rent a vehicle and venture around the island, away from the populated areas so see more landscape!



What would you rate Iceland as on a scale of 1-10? 

“Honestly, it would have to be a 10. It was so unique that I felt like I was on another planet.”


Thanks for sharing Sarah! You can find out what she’s been up to lately on instagram here!


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