Casey Tillisch and Pi Beta Phi


Casey Tillisch

School: University of Nebraska Lincoln

Program: Business Marketing

Dream Job: Marketing/advertisement for a company she is invested in.

Casey is part of Pi Beta Phi- Nebraska Beta chapter.

An old friend, I asked Casey why she joined the greek life and what is involved with being greek at Nebraska Lincoln! Here’s what she said!

“Ive found some of my best friends through joining the sorority and just greek life in general. For membership, we have weekly meetings, philanthropies, foramls, etc. Others should join because it gives you a home away from home for the next four years, its helped with my gpa because you have study hours and lots of girls who have taken the classes before and can help you, theres lots of opportunites for leadership positions…its overall just a lot of fun and its probably the best decision I’ve made since coming to college”

Check out Pi Beta Phi here! They are also on Tumblr and Instagram

Follow Casey on insta here!



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