A Post-Secondary Journey

Gabby Marance is a running addict who’s one true love is her German shepherd and is absolutely head over heels for her hometown of Guelph.  She decided to move away from Guelph and go to university at Carleton in Ottawa, 17 years old and fresh out of high school.

Once she got to university she found that her classes were repetitive, basic and boring. She stopped attending a lot of her classes, especially the 8ams that didn’t coincide with the sleeping schedule she developed living around all her friends in residence.

After failing a class in first semester and not having good grades in her other courses, Gabby was clearly unhappy – being a straight A student in high school, she wasn’t enjoying university and being so far from home. After deciding to drop out, she began looking into college programs that had a focus in nutrition as that was something she was passionate and wanted to learn about.

She found a program called Food and Nutrition Management that was offered at Fanshawe, Centennial, Humber, George Brown and Algonquin. With her love for Guelph and not being much of a big city girl. Gabby accepted her offer to Fanshawe College in London.

After her first year of culinary, Gabby is now a certified cook who learned an immense amount of interesting skills and got a job as a kitchen manager at a golf course. Now in her second and final year of food and nutrition management Gabby is once again a straight A student and loving life.

“College makes me feel like more than just a number, I know all my professors/instructors. I excel in my classes and when I don’t my instructors are actually concerned about me.”

Each year that she has been at college, Gabby has entered a national competition for nutrition. Finishing in second last year she won $350 and her 1st place finish this year won her a free trip to Moncton! CONGRATS!

“College has been a second chance for me and I am looking into returning to university but this time at the university of Guelph for applied Human Nutrition to become a dietician, preferably for athletes as nutrition and exercise go hand in hand for leading a healthy life style. Although I dropped out of uni, I don’t regret it as I made many friends in the four months I was there and I also learnt a lot about myself.”

Hearing Gabby’s story reminds me of the emphasis we have to put on happiness and life and even if you think there is a set path that you must be following, if it isn’t the path making you the happiest than maybe it’s not the right path for you. Happy and healthy over everything.

Thanks Gabby!

Here are some photos of the unbelievable culinary creations she has worked on;

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