Community Focus: Danae O’Neill

Danae has been interested in the fashion industry since she was very little. She had been approached by a few modelling agencies who were interested in signing her, but they always said that she needed to lose 30 pounds and reach size zero, no matter how much they loved her.

When healthy dieting and exercising wasn’t enough, Danae took more drastic measures including extreme restriction dieting and excessive exercise. Even when she was at her lowest weight, bone structure prevented her from reaching that target size and measurements. After being sat down by friends to talk about the issue, Danae worked hard to recover and build a much healthier relationship with her body and gain back the weight.


In February 2017, she was scouted by B&M Models as being a plus size/curve model. She started working and absolutely fell in love with her job. After gaining momentum she was signed in Montreal and has been working on runways, ad campaigns and TV Shows. She is currently working on her visa application to move to New York City and model full time. Working very hard on her career, Danae is extremely passionate about the work that she does.

Her dream is to empower young women so that they never feel that they are not beautiful because of the physical frame that they are in. She doesn’t want anyone to feel the way she did about her own body but instead dreams about designing her own high fashion line that is size inclusive.



Thanks for sharing your story with us Danae and good luck in New York City!!



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