Mr. Grumpy Pants

Grumpy PantsIt’s me, ya boi, Mr. Grumpy Pants. Basically I think it’s fun to ruin things and I’m an expert pessimist who finds the bad in everything. Here you get to read me spew trash about, well, trash. All the stuff I write about is satire so try not to get all butthurt.

Buzzfeed…Click to Find Out

You see what I did there that’s exactly why I’m grumpy this week…

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You know what really grinds my gears? That Buzzfeed shows up everywhere with the all their glory of stolen clickbait meant for white girls and 12 year olds. Their website is full of those lists with old garbage meme references. Look at the picture above you can literally see the titles that say “You won’t BELIEVE people use this!”. Then they get you to click on some underwhelming cluster of pictures with one sentence above them. All they do is write a statement then put some GIF or meme underneath to make you think “OMG so relatable” then they expect you to share it with all your sorority sisters or minecraft buddies like Zachary in your music class (if that’s what 12 year olds do now). The first day of Buzzfeed employee training probably goes like “Welcome to Buzzfeed, here’s your computer as you can see we already have other Facebook meme pages open and on your keyboard we’ve taken all your keys off except for CTRL, C, and V because you won’t be needing any other ones, good luck!”. 

Can we also agree that we’ll never actually make any of those dishes we see on Tasty. Lookin’ at you white girls, we both know you see some stupid complicated desert then tag your bestie Maddie from the THeta Omicron Tau sorority with the heart eyes emoji then you both never actually make it and order Uber Eats then go to Tequila Jacks instead.

To top off this turd sunday, I’m definitely not a fan of any of their youtube videos. They’ve got like 10 channels that have 1m plus subscribers which are all pretty much the same thing but different country’s, and colours? They literally steal from themselves to make the same video, but in Europe. Anyways if I was making a ton of money for using the copy, paste shortcuts I wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon either.